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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Promotion and ads

Come to think of it, those ambulant vendors of dirty ice cream and popsicle outside our school were already practising innovative promotion for their products.
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When I bought a popsicle, I was in a hurry to eat the topmost part of that icy thing. I looked for the word FREE in the popsicle stick. O di va, di another popsicle yon. Yong iba naman, mayroon silang garapon ( a wide mouth-bottle) filled with water. Inside the garapon was a smaller bottle which catches the coin that you drop from the mouth of the garapon. If it goes inside the smaller bottle, ice cream and or popsicle is free.

I observed that these promotion practices were only done near schools where there were several competitors. Those who were getting by our house did not have free stuff. But they knew when to make "kling kling" of their bells. After our afternoon siesta.

Now, ads are very sophisticated. Billboards are most often used to reach more consumers.
So what kind of ads do you think attracts the consumers?

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photo forwarded by Trosp.

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