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I am Cathy. I am a Certified Public Accountant and a business consultant for years. I want to share my expertise thru this blog which is intended to help people who are planning or who are already in business. The topics range from Accounting for Small Business, Cash Management, Inventory Management, Assets Management and Financing. The terminologies will be simplified for laymen and business jargons will be explained for clarity.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Hapinoy Store Program

The easiest business to put up is a sari-sari store; the difficulty is maintaining it.

Good news is there is a new project in town called Hapinoy Store program.


The target participants are the SAHMs or stay-at-home-moms who are going to be trained about inventory management, credit management and other stuff. (This is close to my heart because these were the types of seminars that I conducted in the Philippines when going to the different regions sponsored by foundations that help marginalized sector of the population).

According to Salve,

Microventures will take a chance on these stores by giving sari-sari stores a makeover with bright paint and the huge Hapinoy smile plus additional capital from CARD. The stores will have direct access to manufacturers resulting in a bigger margin, the nanays can qualify for trainings under sari-eskwela where they will learn about inventory management, credit management and other stuff.

For more of the concept go to inquirer.net.blogs.



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